DTraq - Data logging, monitoring, and playback


DTraq, a data logging, data review, and debugging tool automatically converts raw binary data to readable text so you don't have to. DTraq gives you near realtime data logging and analysis, for debugging, for validation, and for tracking the True state of your application.

No more guessing, no more printf's or Put_Line's, no "data dumpers" required.

Just DTraq, to see the Truth of your code.

Avatox - Ada, Via Asis, To XML


Avatox generates an XML-structured representation of an Ada compilation unit.

Provides the first critical step towards applying the power of XML tools to Ada source code.

XIA - XPath In Ada


XIA (XPath In Ada), a native all-Ada implementation of XPath 1.0 querying.

XIA gives XML-enabled applications the power to access XML document content using the full specification power of XPath.

XML EZ Out - Easy, readable creation of XML content in Ada


XML EZ Out makes writing simple XML documents, like application settings or configuration files, a breeze. Write to files, memory buffers, even open communication links such as sockets.

There's no quicker way to programmatically produce XML content.



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